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Flamingo Disposable Dermaplane Razor 3pk


This single-blade facial razor sweeps away peach fuzz and exfoliates skin, creating an even canvas for skincare and makeup application. And rest assured, your hair will not grow back thicker.

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Thoroughly wash your face using a gentle cleanser. Skin needs to be completely free of makeup before dermaplaning. Apply a light moisturizer or lather as needed for your comfort.

Take a new disposable dermaplane and pull the blade cap off from the top. Do push from the bottom.

Hold your skin taut in the area you are about to dermaplane.

With the dermaplane in your dominant hand held at a level 30° angle, use light, feathery downward strokes in the direction of hair growth for the entire focus area. Don’t apply too much pressure!

After dermaplaning, apply a gentle moisturizer and/or SPF 30 or higher if the dermaplaned area will be exposed to the sun. It’s important to let newly exfoliated skin rest. We do not recommend applying makeup, cleansers, exfoliants, or other facial products for up to 8 hours after dermaplaning.

When dermaplaning your upper lip and/or chin, bite or hide your lips to better expose the skin above and below. Stop dermaplaning slightly below the hairline to avoid any hairline mishaps.

Read these warnings before use and please follow all the instructions. Use a new disposable dermaplane razor every time. Blades are sharp; keep away from children. Not for use on sunburnt skin, inflamed skin, or areas on face with acne. For use on fine hair or peach fuzz only. Only pass over each area one time when using. Only dermaplane every 2-4 weeks. Temporary heightened sensitivity or redness may occur on dermaplaned areas following use. Use only as directed.


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